Bumble / After

i’m out there
collecting men
like pokemon cards

swipe left
swipe right

i raised my standards
since you fucked with me
because i learned
how to fuck myself

at least my vibrator
is an honest lover

you are no longer
something scarce

as matches
keep popping up
like daffodils
in spring time

yes no yes

i keep the
boys in the same jar
as the men

with the lid
carefully placed
on top

to prevent them
from pouring out
before i am

swipe right
swipe left

as you lick
the scars
on your broken



Yesterday’s News

i dreamed of fire and smoke
standing in a disappearing room
eaten away by flames

the floors started giving away
when i saw you
slumped in a chair
dead as a doornail
apparently having
started it all

the sparks of destruction
still igniting
from your fingertips

i can feel my lungs
slowly fill with the dust
of what once was
as my throat
starts to burn
and it is then
i realise
there’s no point
in coughing
for i too
am already dead