Category: depression


how to die a littleon the inside shut the doorand close your eyesas you cradleyourselfon the floor my lovethe concrete is coldand why are youreyes leaking didn’t theytell youthat all youhave to dois notlet them seethe blackpouring out to not let themhearthe soundsthat leaveyour mouthat nightwhen timeis just this thingthat passesand woundsare still woundsare still […]

Doctor’s Office

it smells of vomitand cleaning productsred chairs packed togetherlike in a theatre but the drama is onlyunfolding in my headtoday no stagefor actorsto faint onor cry onor die on justthe smell of vomitsliding doorsa splash of depression mixed with human decaybodies decomposingin a brightly painted room what a showi thinkas i try diggingdeep within myselffor that sparkthey […]