Rebecca Rijsdijk is the author of two poetry collections; Portraits of Girls I Never Met and The Lady from across the Sea. She started writing stories as soon as she had learned the alphabet and signed up to study written media at the Academy of Journalism in Tilburg. A brain aneurysm put an end to her journalistic aspirations, however, and words became intertwined with trauma for a while. It wasn’t until she completed her degree in design years later, that words started playing a more prominent part in her life again

Rebecca published Portraits of Girls in 2016, not quite knowing what she was actually doing until her friends pointed it out. They understood the poetic nature of her work and recognised reoccurring themes such as love, loss, trauma and dealing with mental health issues. The Lady from across the Sea was published in 2019. Rebecca published her third book ‘You were married when I met you’ in 2020 as a way to come to find closure for the ending of an abusive relationship.

Besides writing poetry, Rebecca works in healthcare and is currently training to become a nurse.